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PURRR.... Cat Obstacle

I've been tweaking the cat to make it less aggressive but still an obstacle; our game's tone just doesn't fit a fearful stealth vibe, and we keep getting feedback that the cat's a bit too much. I've done a number of things to help with that:

  • Pounce radius reduced (400 -> 150)

  • Pounce speed reduced (400 -> 200)

  • Vision cone reduced (90 -> 70 degrees)

  • This is measured from their forward vector in all directions, so the field of view is now 140 degrees

  • Vision distance reduced (3000 -> 750)

  • This is about 60% of the kitchen's width; on the table, the cat can see to the island counter but not all the way to the farthest counters

  • Vision begins at cat's eye level (64 -> 20)

  • Basically, its perception was acting like the cat's eyes were a few feet above the cat, so hiding was really hard

  • Less aggressive sounds (meow -> purr, screech -> meow)

  • Now it just sounds playful and cute instead of terrifying

  • Cat bats player instead of respawning

  • The player is now batted around a bit instead of respawned, so getting "caught" will probably disrupt your platforming or send you to the floor, but it won't reset your progress directly

  • I think this fits the game's feel a lot better, but it is a significant change to our previous designs. Unless we have playtesters strongly preferring the respawn, I'd like to keep this new behavior.

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