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Creating a Cat AI

The cat is ready for the night kitchen level! The biggest hurdle to overcome was editing the nav mesh properties; before (in green), narrow areas like countertops were considered too small for agents, but now (purple) the cat specifically can utilize areas that still accommodate its smaller body. Shouldn't have been so hard, but I had to fight with some automated processes that connect agents to

meshes with accommodating parameters. There's now technically 2 nav meshes for every nav mesh volume: one for the woman (all the defaults, still green), and one for the cat (purple and awesome). By default, it'll draw the green one; you have to manually (during play) select the cat nav mesh and tell it to draw.

The cat can be made to reach the highest shelves, but the highest it currently goes is on top of the refrigerator in lovely cat jumps. This means all the countertops are vulnerable now... and I haven't yet programmed in a response for the flour bomb or any other tools... so keep your head down! Ideally, the flour bomb blocks line-of-sight for all agents and thus will work to obscure the player from the cat, but I doubt it works that easily. I'll get there.

Lastly, no animations as of yet, but I think that's the next priority.

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